Free Downloads for Cello


Free Download No. 8 (Geminiani)

This is the cello version of Free Download No. 1 (Geminiani)

Geminiani’s famous book ‘The Art of Playing on the Violin’ (1751) contains a whole variety of bowing exercises, of which this is just one (Example 24). Each bar consists of a rhythm pattern on open strings is to be practised starting with a down-bow and repeated starting with an up- bow. The possibilities are, of course, endless - the exercises could be used for double-stopping and chord studies, too.

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Free Download No. 11 (Bach 1)

This is a transcription of J S Bach’s Pedal Exercise, BWV 598 (may be by CPE Bach!)

Free Download No. 16 (William White)

This fine Fantasia for 2 bass instruments is presented here with a few suggested bowings.

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