Gary Higginson (b. 1952)


Gary Higginson

Four Little Pieces for Violin and Piano, op. 206 CM203

Fanfare - Cradle Song - Dance - Hoe-Down

£6.00 score and part

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Gary Higginson

Eight Pieces for Pianists Young at Heart, op. 178 CM127


The Last Bird in the Cage - Frogs from the Pond - When Dinosaurs trod the Earth -

Over the Stepping Stones - Snake in the Grass - Wet Bank Holiday Blues -

Rock-it Science - Granny's Favourite Chair

These attractive and varied pieces were written between April and September 2014 and are

of about Grade 3 standard.

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Gary Higginson

Four Duos for Violin and Cello, op. 99 CM143

The Irishman’s Cat - Cradle Song (on a theme of John Joubert) -  Celtic Hillside - Competition

two scores £6.00

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Gary Higginson

Four English Dances for Violin and Viola, op. 74, no. 2 CM163

Galliard - Passapied - Pavan - Rigaudon

two scores £6.00

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Gary Higginson

String Quartet No. 3, op 168 CM173

score and parts £15.00

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Composer's Note

This string quartet was composed slowly, over a period of about three years, at

odd moments between other pieces and was completed in October 2010.

Its character is that of a light-hearted divertimento, emphasizing conciseness

and clarity:  it contrasts with the serious nature of my second quartet,

which was composed soon after the death of my father.

The first movement has the music of Africa as its inspiration and includes a

melody from Soweto, the second is in the style of a spiritual, while the third is a

scherzo, pastoral in mood to start with, yet with some darker colours.

The fourth starts by revisiting themes from the previous movements before

embarking on a life of its own: its main theme recalls the Sowetan melody.

The first three movements (each with an individual title) could be 'free-standing'

and may be performed separately, though clearly the Finale only works in

relation to the other three.

Gary Higginson

String Quartet No. 5 (Memories of Spain), op 191 CM181

score and parts £15.00

This quartet was given its first performance in November 2019 by the Ruisi String Quartet. It is a commission by Seaton Music.

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Gary Higginson

EPONA, op. 77 for unaccompanied cello CM186

(written for Spike Wilson in 1985 and revised in 2019)

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£4.00  (duration: c. 5 mins. 3 pages of music with page turn separately printed)

Gary Higginson trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama studying composition privately with Edmund Rubbra and orchestration with Patric Standford, modern techniques with Buxton Orr and Analysis with Alfred Nieman. Later when a student at Birmingham University he continued composition studies under John Joubert.

He has written over 200 compositions including several orchestral works, two operas for young people, three string quartets, a great deal of church and Christmas music, a piano quartet, solo sonatas for woodwind and string instruments, songs and song-cycles, educational music, pieces for brass band and a great deal more.


music by GaryHigginson