Henry Eccles (1670-1742)


Henry Eccles

Sonata in G minor for violin and continuo CM174

from ‘Twelve Solos for the the Violin’ (1720)

score and part £5.00

At last, a clean, practical edition of this famous work by this infamous composer...

First published 300 years ago, of the 40 movements in this collection, 18 are 'borrowed' from Valentini's collection Allettamenti per camera, op. 8, which had been published in 1714.

One other movement is 'borrowed' for this, probably the most famous sonata of the set:

the Alegro was originally Presto, and it originates in Bonporti's op. 10, Inventione

a violino solo, e basso continuo (No. 4).

There are many editions of this sonata, for violin, viola, cello and even double bass,

but this one returns to the original print, and has the minimal amount of editorial


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music by Henry Eccles