Josef Haydn (1732-1809)


Josef Haydn

Violin Concerto in G CM101

solo part only (orchestral parts in preparation)


cadenzas available - see our Cadenzas page

Why another edition of this famous piece?

Preparing for a performance of this lovely concerto, I realised that that there were hundreds of decisions to make about the solo part. Most importantly, it is clear that the copyist of the only remaining set of parts was too rushed to put in many tied notes! The result is that all new editions, including the fine Henle edition, seem to want to add in extra ties at every opportunity, (even when they seem to be contradicted, say by a staccato on the 2nd note, eg. 2nd movement, bar 56) and I just don’t think that they are all appropriate.

I have added slurs without comment when:

  1. a.they are over trills with notated turns (e.g. Finale, bar 3)

  1. b.they appear in parallel passages (e.g. 1st movement, bars 34-5 and bars 73-4)

The same goes for marks of articulation (e.g 1st movement, bar 5 and bar 84)

Any dotted slurs or dotted ties and bowing signs (up- and down-bow signs) are editorial, as are dynamics or accidentals in brackets. It may be that I have left some ties out that may work musically, but I sincerely hope I haven’t left any in!!

I would welcome some feedback on all this - do get in touch.

sheet music for G major Concerto by Josef Haydn