John Moore

Shropshire Fiddler (b. 1819)


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John Moore

Tunes and duets collected by a Shropshire fiddler, ‘Nursery Man and Seeds Man’

Book One

63 tunes and 3 duets (30 pages of music) - spiral bound with clear acetate covers


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John Moore

Tunes and duets collected by a Shropshire fiddler, ‘Nursery Man and Seeds Man’

Book Two (taken from Moore’s 2nd and 3rd Books)

160 tunes and a duet (64 pages of music) - spiral bound with clear acetate covers


John Moore was born in Wellington, Shropshire on 18th August 1819, the son of a brick maker. Three volumes of his manuscripts survive. Two are classic fiddlers’ tune books, while the third, dated 11 April 1839, in which he describes himself as a ‘Nursery Man and Seeds Man’, contains mostly sacred music.

List of Tunes in Book 1

(one or two tunes occur more than once, in different keys and versions)

Affectionate Soldier, The

All Alive and Merry

Astley’s Hornpipe

Astley’s Rise

Bride that was Married last Night, The

Capt. Mackintosh’s Fancy

Chapter of Things

Cheshire Round

Come haste to the Wedding

Congress Waltz

Corporal Casey

Devil’s Dream


Duke of Glocester’s new March

Duke of York’s March

Duke of Yorks Troop

Fair Maid of Wickham

Flower of Edinburgh

Gramachree Molly

Highland Fling, The

How sweet in the Woodlands

How sweet in the Woodlands (1) – G major duet

How sweet in the Woodlands (2) – C major duet

I wou’d but I dare not

I’m in haste

Jem of Aberdeen


Jolly Young Waterman, The

La Belle Catherine

La Malbrouk

Lass of Richmond Hill, The

Lilley, The

Logie of Buchan

Mad Moll

Maid of the Mill, The

Master Tommy’s Married

Merry Docter

Minuet de la Cour

Morning Dance, The

Mrs Casey

neglected Tar, The

New Dancers


Nothing like Grog

Nottingham Races

Nymph, The

O Dear what can the matter be

Old Floors

Paddy Wack


Rakes of Mallow

See the Conquering Hero comes

Shropshire Round


Tho’ Prudence may press me

Three Sheep Skins

Trip to Bengall

Unfortunate Joak

Victoria Waltz

Visit, The

Welcome into Scotland or Twas on the evening on a wintry day

what d’ye call it, The

White Cockade

Why did you promise to Marry me

List of Tunes in Book 2

4th Dragoon’s Regimental March

Astleys Hornpipe

Auld Land Syne

Bateuse, The

Bath Waltz, The

Birmingham March, The

Blue Bells of Scotland

Blue Stocking, The

Broom of Crowdeknows, The

Buy a Broom

Calder Fair

Captain White

Castle Rag Hornpipe, The

Chester Quick Step, The

Chetsworth House

China Orange Hornpipe, The

Colledge Hornpipe, The

Cooks Hornpipe

Copenhagen Waltz, The

Cuckoo Solo, The

Dance (several)

Dandy, The

Dashing White Seargant (Sargeant)

Daughter of Israel, The

Denis Bullgruddery

Devil’s Dream, The

Downfall of Paris, The

Drops of Brandy

Drunken Parson, The

Duchess of Sutherland’s (?) Waltz

Duke of Glocesters new March, The

Duke of Wellington March

Duke of York’s March, The

Dumble Down Deary

Dusty Miller, The

Dutch Ship


Faint an Wearily

Fairy Dance, The

Favourite Pandean Dance, A

Gaby Boy, The

Garbets Hornpipe

Garden of Lesmore

Girl I left behind Me, The

Go to the Devil and shake yourself

God save the King

Grand March in the Battle of Prague

Green grow the Rushes O

Green Hills of Tyrol

Gustavus Gallopade

Gypsey Hornpipe, The

Hanoverian March

Hare, The

Harvest home Hornpipe

Hinlock of Hinlock

Hornpipe – Beef Steak

Hornpipe – Lord Cathcart

Hornpipe, A

Hungarian Waltz, The

Hunt the Hare

Huntsman’s Chorus

I’d be a Butterfly

In my Cottage near a wood

Irish Jig, An

Irish Man in Spain, The

Irish Washerwoman, The

Ironbridge Hornpipe, The

Jessy the flower of Dunblane

Lady Belle Catherine

Lass of Richmond Hill, The

Life let us cherish

Liverpool Hornpipe, The


Lord Hardwickis March by Mr Cook, Dublin

Love and the Gout

Luck and no Luck

Lyons Fancy

Madam Catalani’s Waltz

Maid of Judah, The

Maid of Lodi, The

Miss Gunn’s Dance

Miss Heaton’s Hornpipe

Money Musk

Morning Dance, The

Mrs Bakers Hornpipe

Mrs McLaird

Murphy Delany

Neapolitan Waltz, The

New College Hornpipe, The

New German Waltz

New Rigged Ship

New Sailors Hornpipe, The

Nounds, The

Oldhams Quick Step

Opera Hat, The

Opera Hornpipe, The

Paddy O Cary

Paddy Wack

Pavillion, The

Persian Dance, A

Phillip’s Hornpipe

Pop goes the weasel

Pretty Girl, The

Princes Royal

Quadrille (several)

Quadrille – La Poule

Quadrille – Logie of Buchan

Quadrille – Quick Step

Quadrille – Reform Quick Step

Quick Step

Railway Hornpipe, The

Red Lion Hornpipe

Reel, A

Rossignol Waltz, The

Russian Dance, A

Saw ye my Father

Saxons Hornpipe

Scotch Reel

Shrewsbury Waltz

Smash the Windows

Soldier’s Joy, The

Soldier’s Return, The

Spanish Waltz

St Patrick’s Day in the Morning

St Vincent’s Hornpipe

Steyrich Waltz

Swansy (Swansea) Hornpipe

Sweedes Hornpipe

Sweeps Hornpipe, The

Sylph, The

The Tank

Tink a Tink

Trip to the Cottage, A

Trumpet Hornpipe

Tyrolese Waltz

Villagers, The

Vine Dressers, The


Waltz from Freischutz

Weber’s Last Waltz

Wednesday Night

Wellington Hornpipe

Worster Hornpipe, The

Wounded Hussar. The

Wrexham Quick March

Young May Moon, The

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