Giuseppe Tartini and his Pupils


Pasquale Bini (1716-1770)

Sonata in G for violin and continuo CM080

(edited from a MS in The Royal Library - The National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University


score and part £4.00

This short sonata has 3 movements: Allegro - Andante - Presto, with

lively outer movements and an expressive minor key Andante.

Highest note top D in 3rd position

Johann Gottlieb Graun (1703-1771)

Sonata in A minor GraunWV C:XVII:72 CM074

(edited from a score in SLUB - the Saxon State and University Library Dresden)

score (with keyboard realisation) and part £3.00

By one of Tartini’s most distinguished pupils, this is a fine, striking sonata in three movements

(Adagio, Allegro, Vivace) with some bold harmonies and expressive violin writing.

See our Graun page for a preview of the score

Antonín Kammel (1730-1784/5)

6 Solos, op. 8

(edited from a facsimile of the edition by Welcker, London, available from

The Early Music Company Ltd.)

in preparation

Maddalena Lombardini (Sirmen) (1745-1818)

Duet in C for two violins, (op. 5 no. 6) CM082

edited using a 19th century MS available at IMSLP and a set of printed parts from 1775

score and two parts


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