Violin Studies


Francesco Geminiani

Selections from ‘The Art of Playing on the Violin’

new edition with realisations of the figured basses by Tony Urbainczyk

    Examples 8-13, 15-17 CM087

    (continuo parts for all the accompanied Examples)

    score and part £15, score only £10

    Example 9 variations CM050

    £2 score and part

    Example 14 solo scales CM049


    Example 24 bowing exercises on open strings

  available in our free downloads page (violin, viola and cello versions)


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Leopold Mozart

Bowing Exercises from 'Treatise on the Fundamental Principles

of Violin Playing' (1756) CM025


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Antonio Rolla

24 Cadenzas (op. post) CM007


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J H Roman

Two movements in C major for solo violin (BeRI F1 and 349) CM089

    Two extraordinary pieces which modulate through numerous keys, some very remote indeed(!), both technically challenging, the second being a study in chords which moves key in a clear scheme passing though 23 other keys before reaching home again.


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Léon de Saint-Lubin

Impromptu on a theme of Beethoven for solo violin (1834) CM070


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Léon de Saint-Lubin

25 Easy and Progressive Studies CM146

for violin duet (pupil and teacher)

score £6.00

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Léon de Saint-Lubin

Six Caprices, op. 8 CM147

for solo violin

score £5.00

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Select Preludes or Volentarys for the Violin by the most eminent

Masters in Europe (first published by John Walsh in 1705) CM108

34 preludes by Albinoni, John Banister, Barenclow, Bassani, Biber, Bononcini, Corbett, Corelli, Cosma, Dean, Henry Eccles, Finger, Gasparini, Gorton, Haym, Hills, Keller, King, Lotani, Matteis, Pepusch, Purcell, Simons, Smith, Torelli, T A Vitali and Ziani.

This collection remains a useful and fascinating compendium of brilliant violin styles from the late 17th century.


Violin Studies for the 21st Century

by Tony Urbainczyk

  1. 1. Lyric Study CM092

This study takes the note-row from Alban Berg's Lyric Suite of 1925-6. The row is 'combinatorial' - made up of two identical sets, as can be seen in bar 12 most clearly. The row is continuously permutated, very unlike Berg's original use of it! The study could be used as the basis for all sorts of different bowing exercises - a Kreutzer No. 2 equivalent. See below for the first page:


  1. 2.Hindemith Study CM095

Based on a short passage from ‘Nobilissime Visione’ this study uses bowing patterns of 2s, 3s and 5s, détaché, spiccato, staccato and ricochet to work at bowing techniques.


  1. 3.Study on Extracts from Berg’s Lyric Suite (Movt. 5) CM099

This study presents short challenging extracts from the 5th movement of Berg’s Lyric Suite and gives a version with suggested fingerings and without.


4. Study for Whole-tone Scales (in preparation)

sheet music for violin studies