Music for Solo Violin


CPE Bach

Solfeggietto in C minor CM048

(arranged for solo violin by Tony Urbainczyk)


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J S Bach

Suite No. 1 for solo violin CM001

(arranged from Cello Suite No. 1, BWV 1007, following Anna Magdalena Bach’s copy,

and edited by Tony Urbainczyk)


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Thomas Baltzar

Four pieces from ‘The Division Violin’ CM029

(3 pieces for solo violin as well as Divisions on ‘John come kiss me now’ for violin and continuo)


Francesco Geminiani (?) [Now believed to be by Tartini!]

Solo in C major for unaccompanied violin CM115


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Nicola Matteis

Five Pieces for solo violin (from ‘Ayrs for the Violin’) CM036


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Leopold Mozart

Bowing Exercises from 'Treatise on the Fundamental Principles

of Violin Playing' (1756) CM025


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Two arrangements of movements from Pergolesi’s ‘Stabat Mater’ by Roman for solo violin CM013


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J G Pisendel

Sonata for solo violin in A minor CM037


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Antonio Rolla

24 Cadenzas (op. post) CM007


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J H Roman

Sonata(?) in F minor for solo violin CM069


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J H Roman

Two movements in C major for solo violin (BeRI F1 and 349) CM089

    Two extraordinary pieces which modulate through numerous keys, some very remote indeed(!), both technically challenging, the second being a study in chords which moves key in a clear scheme passing though 23 other keys before reaching home again.


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J H Roman

Solos in C minor (completed by Tony Urbainczyk) and A minor CM113


Léon de Saint-Lubin

Impromptu on a theme of Beethoven for solo violin (1834) CM070


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von Westhoff

Suite in A major for solo violin CM188

£8.00 (pdf available)

first published in ‘Le Mercure galant’ in January 1683

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C-M Widor

Toccata from Symphony No. 5 CM046

(arranged for solo violin by Tony Urbainczyk)


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