Latest Publications

(March 2021)


von Westhoff

Suite in A major for solo violin CM188

£8.00 (pdf available)

first published in ‘Le Mercure galant’ in January 1683

visit our Westhoff page for further details

von Westhoff

Sonata in A major for violin and continuo ‘La Guerra’ CM192

£10.00 score and part (pdfs available)

(cello part extra £2.00)

first published in ‘Le Mercure galant’ in December 1682

visit our Westhoff page for more details

J S Bach, arr. Beethoven

Prelude and Fugue in B flat minor BWV 867 CM190

from Book 1 of the ’48’

for string quintet (with 2 cellos, arranged by Tony Urbainczyk and Beethoven)

score and parts £5.00

go to our Beethoven page for a preview of the Prelude

Henry Eccles

Sonata in G minor for violin and continuo CM174

from ‘Twelve Solos for the the Violin’

score and part £5.00

Gary Higginson

String Quartet No. 5 (Memories of Spain), op 191 CM181

score and parts £15.00

This quartet was given its first performance in November 2019 by the Ruisi String Quartet. It is a commission by Seaton Music.

listen to the first performance on our Gary Higginson page

Ongoing Projects (awaiting completion)

Let us know if you are interested in any of the below, and I will get moving on them:

Antonín Kammel

Concerto in G, op 7


6 Solos, op 8 for violin and continuo

Music by one of the huge number of Tartini’s pupils who were violinist-composers. 3 completed so far!

Telemann Concerto in G for 2 violas

Corrette Suite for 2 violins with ‘Lessons on playing the violin the French way’

Corrette Sonata for 2 violins

Telemann Concerto in D for 4 violins