Latest Publications

(September 2023)


A Book of Maggots


This is a book devoted to the musical maggot, a particularly or peculiarly English dance tune. This new collection of 92 tunes is taken from publications ranging over 70 years, starting with Mr Farmer’s Magot (sic!) from ‘Apollo’s Banquet’ from 1687. There are notes on individual tunes and the volume ends with a duet version of Dubourg’s Maggot.

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‘Piccole Sonate’

Volume 1 CM200

Sonatas 1 - 12

£20 [with free postage]

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John Eccles

Music for ‘The Mad Lover’


score £8

parts [4] each £2.00

ask for a continuo part [£10 on demand]

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Gary Higginson

Four Little Pieces for Violin and Piano, op. 206 CM203

Fanfare - Cradle Song - Dance - Hoe-Down

£6.00 score and part

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The Dancing Master

Volume 2

Part 1 CM175 (Tunes 1 - 180) and Part 2 CM201 (Tunes 181 - 360)

360 tunes published by J Young c. 1728 (first modern edition?)

Each part £12.00 [both parts £20.00]

J S Bach

Suite No. 1 for solo violin CM001

(arranged from Cello Suite No. 1, BWV 1007, following Anna Magdalena Bach’s copy,

and edited by Tony Urbainczyk)


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J S Bach

Suite No. 1 in G, for solo viola CM001B

(arranged from Cello Suite No. 1, BWV 1007

and edited by Tony Urbainczyk following Anna Magdalena Bach’s copy)


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von Westhoff

Suite in A major for solo violin CM188

£8.00 (pdf available)

first published in ‘Le Mercure galant’ in January 1683

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von Westhoff

Sonata in A major for violin and continuo ‘La Guerra’ CM192

£10.00 score and part (pdfs available)

(cello part extra £2.00)

first published in ‘Le Mercure galant’ in December 1682

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Ongoing Projects (awaiting completion)

Let us know if you are interested in any of the below, and I will get moving on them:

Antonín Kammel

Concerto in G, op 7


6 Solos, op 8 for violin and continuo

Music by one of the huge number of Tartini’s pupils who were violinist-composers. 3 completed so far!

Telemann Concerto in G for 2 violas