Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770)


The ‘Piccole Sonate’

Volume One (Sonatas 1 - 12) available NOW

CM200 £20 [with free postage]

(edited from a facsimile of the MS by Tony Urbainczyk)

All 30 sonatas now available individually in printed versions of as pdfs.

Each £3.00 - enquire for details!

This is a radical new edition, reordering the sonatas according to a newly discovered ‘scheme’, and reordering movements within some sonatas. There are extensive notes on Tartini’s own corrections and rejected movements.

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In a letter of 1750, Tartini refers to his collection of ‘Piccole Sonate’ and says that he is in the habit of performing them unaccompanied. Some of the movements later in the series are unaccompanied anyway, or they have been inserted into earlier sonatas. These are enjoyable pieces to play and have been attracting much more attention in recent years. Follow these links for further information:

Tartini [1]

Tartini [2]

Francesco Geminiani (?)

Solo in C major for unaccompanied violin CM115


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I now believe that this is by Tartini!

Two other works by Tartini, the Arpeggio study and a Capriccio in E major, are available as pdfs

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For several editions of works by Tartini’s pupils click here

music by Tartini