Violin and Piano/Harpsichord



Divisions on the Duke of Norfolk from ‘The Division Violin’ CM030


J S Bach

Largo CM002

(arranged for violin and piano from harpsichord concerto in F minor BWV 1056)

score and part £2.00

Thomas Baltzar

Four pieces from ‘The Division Violin’ CM029

(includes Divisions on ‘John come kiss me now’)


Pasquale Bini (1716-1770) CM080

Sonata in G for violin and continuo

(edited from a MS in The Royal Library - The National Library of Denmark and Copenhagen University Library)


see ‘Tartini and his pupils’ page


Sheebeg and Sheemore CM012A

for violin and piano


[see also String Orchestra page]


A Carolan Suite for violin and piano CM078B

Carolan’s Air - Carolan’s Draught - Carolan’s Concerto - Carolan’s Dream

score and part £4.00

[see also String Orchestra page]


Three Allegros from Sonatas op.5 CM006

violin part £1.00

score £2.00

two violins £2.00

Claude Debussy

La Fille aux cheveux de lin (as David Oistrach played it) CM128

This edition is based on Hartmann’s famous arrangement, but Oistrach used very different fingerings and bowings, as can be seen on the film made in 1972 in Moscow.

Violin part only £2.00

Henry Eccles

Sonata in G minor for violin and continuo CM174

from ‘Twelve Solos for the the Violin’

score and part £5.00

Francesco Geminiani

Violin Sonatas op 1 (1739 edition)

new urtext edition with realisations of the figured basses by Tony Urbainczyk with introduction and notes on bowing and double-stopping passages - I believe it to be the first modern edition of its sort.

See the Geminiani page (with deals on complete sets)

    Vol. 1 Sonatas 1-6

score £8.00 CM027

violin part £5.00 CM027A

cello part £4.00 CM027B

    Vol. 2 Sonatas 7-12

score £8.00 CM028

violin part £5.00 CM028A

cello part £4.00 CM028B

Johann Gottlieb Graun

Sonata in A minor CM74

score (with keyboard realisation) and part £3.00

see our Graun page for a preview


Violin Concerto in D CM140A

arranged for violin and piano

score and part £5.00

see our violin concerto page

Davis Mell

Divisions on ‘John come kiss me now’ from ‘The Division Violin’ CM031


J H Roman

Allegro in A major (BeRI 250) CM090

    A lively movement of which only the violin part survives - the bass stave is present in the MS but is blank. It could work well as a solo piece, but I have composed a continuo part for it.

score and part £2


J H Roman

Variations in E major (BeRI 242) CM091

    A delightful set of variations for violin and continuo, full of violinistic figuration, which somehow reminds me of Handel’s Harmonious Blacksmith

score and part £3


3 Gymnopédies CM135

arranged for violin and piano

score and part £3.00


30 Ländler for Violin CM109

with accompaniments provided by Tony Urbainczyk

These 3 collections of single line pieces, in B flat, D and F sharp min., provide excellent studies in 2nd and 3rd position.

score and part £6.00

part only £2.00

G P Telemann

Partita in G for violin (or oboe or flute) and continuo, TWV 41:G2 CM096

score and part £5.00

von Westhoff

Sonata in A major for violin and continuo ‘La Guerra’ CM192

£10.00 score and part (pdfs available)

(cello part extra £2.00)

first published in ‘Le Mercure galant’ in December 1682

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