George Butterworth

19 Playford Dances CM105


Butterworth’s original manuscripts are available to see here.

They feature ‘corrections’ and I thought at first that they were Butterworth’s own revisions. There is the occasional direction ‘thicken’ and some examples of ‘thickening’ (horrible word!), none of which I felt added to these delightful arrangements: quite the contrary. I have come to believe, though, that these are Cecil Sharp’s revisions, and I have stripped them out of my edition. It is curious that Cecil Sharp published his own versions, several of which owe rather a lot to Butterworth’s, using exactly the same transpositions.

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Gary Higginson

Eight Pieces for Pianists Young at Heart, op. 178 CM127


The Last Bird in the Cage - Frogs from the Pond - When Dinosaurs trod the Earth -

Over the Stepping Stones - Snake in the Grass - Wet Bank Holiday Blues -

Rock-it Science - Granny's Favourite Chair

These attractive and varied pieces were written between April and September 2014 and are of about Grade 3 standard.

See our Gary Higginson page for details and a preview

Christian Petzold

Suite in G minor for harpsichord CM126


This lovely 7 movement suite (Allemande, Courante, Sarabande, Bourée, Passepied and Trio, Gigue and Menuet) is one of the few pieces of his to survive.

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Clara Schumann

Prelude and Fugue in F sharp minor (1845) CM110


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