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Free Download No. 4

This is the viola version of Free Download No. 1 (Geminiani)

Geminiani’s famous book ‘The Art of Playing on the Violin’ (1751) contains a whole variety of bowing exercises, of which this is just one (Example 24). Each bar consists of a rhythm pattern on open strings is to be practised starting with a down-bow and repeated starting with an up- bow. The possibilities are, of course, endless - the exercises could be used for double-stopping and chord studies, too.

See our Geminiani page

Free Download No. 5

This is the viola version of Free Download No. 2 (Leopold Mozart)

Leopold Mozart’s (equally!) famous book, ‘Treatise on the Fundamental Principles of Violin Playing' (1756) contains a great warm-up, consisting of a downward scale of G major with bowing variations. Any viola player who can manage a C major scale will be able to manage some of this brilliant exercise and some of it will always remain a challenge! - see our Leopold Mozart page

Free Download No. 6

This is the viola version of Free Download No. 3 (Reger) arranged for 2 violas

An amusing set of canons, written in 1895

Free Download No. 7 (Saint-Saëns)

This is a transcription of ‘The Swan’ from ‘Carnival of the Animals’ (viola part only). You can find the composer’s piano part here:


Free Download No. 9 (Bach 1)

This is a transcription of J S Bach’s Pedal Exercise, BWV 598 (may be by CPE Bach!)

Free Download No. 10 (Bach 2)

This is a transcription of the first section of J S Bach’s Fantasia BWV 572

Free Download No. 13 (anon.)

‘Sumer is icumen in’ (in an arrangement for up to 6 violas)

Free Download No. 15 (Fauré)

This is the solo part of Roger Nichols’s new arrangement of ‘Chant funéraire’ for viola and strings. See our Fauré page for details

Free Download No. 17 (William White)

This fine Fantasia from the 16th century (originally for 2 bass instruments) is presented here with a few suggested bowings, transposed up an octave.

Free Download No. 18 (anon.)

Woodycock, a famous English Country Dance, is a Jacobean set of variations originally for bass viol, here transposed up an octave.

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