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Camel Music offers clear, practical, even urtext, editions of string music. You will find all sorts of sheet music here, from music for solo violin to large-scale works for string orchestra.

Baroque music features strongly with special emphasis on the works of

J S Bach, Geminiani, Tartini and Johan Helmich Roman but there is huge choice of music here and recently our range of fiddle music has attracted particular attention.

There is also a growing selection of chamber music, and piano music and music for the Viola.

Orders of £20 or over qualify for Free Postage.

Pdfs are available for most of our smaller scale pieces - do ask if you’d prefer a pfd version (same price as printed score).

Our focus in 2023 is a complete edition of

Tartini’s ‘Piccole Sonate’

This is a radical new edition, reordering the sonatas according to a newly discovered ‘scheme’, and reordering movements within some sonatas, following hints in the MS. There are extensive notes on Tartini’s own corrections and rejected movements.

All the sonatas are available separately now, as printed copies or pdfs. The first volume of Sonatas 1-12 is now available - see our Tartini page

We have also embarked on a study of Anna Magdalena Bach’s copy of her husband’s Cello Suites, inspired by Anner Bylsma’s famous books. The 1st Suite, following her copy, are now available for violin, viola and cello. This has also led to a reappraisal of Bach’s MS of his solo violin works - more to follow.

Click on names on the Composers page to view works by individual composers or search by genre using the menu above.

New Arrangements by Roger Nichols

We are excited to announce new arrangements of Mendelssohn’s Six Children’s Pieces, op. 72, by Roger Nichols for string quartet (CM134). These are short, delightful and characterful pieces, not all particularly easy but well worth further study!

Most recently, Roger has produced arrangements of

Satie’s Sarabande No. 2 for string orchestra (CM159),

Fauré’s Chant funéraire for cello and string orchestra (CM164) - a re-working of the slow movement of the 2nd Cello Sonata, itself a re-working of a piece for wind-band to mark the centenary of the death of Napoleon I, and lastly,

Debussy’s Petite Suite for String Orchestra (CM179)

Free Downloads

In August 2015, we started to offer free downloads and we are adding to these on a regular basis. So far, we have music for violin, viola and cello by Bach, Geminiani, Joachim, Leopold Mozart, Max Reger and Saint-Saëns and others.

Fiddle Music

This has become a popular area of our catalogue, featuring the John Clare collection in 2 volumes, 2 volumes of John Moore’s collection of fiddle tunes, the last Playford Volumes 2 and 3  which date from the 1720s and are unavailable in modern editions and the tunes from ‘The Beggar’s Opera’.

Most recent is ‘A Book of Maggots’. This is devoted to the musical maggot, a particularly or peculiarly English dance tune. This new collection of 92 tunes is taken from publications ranging over 70 years, starting with Mr Farmer’s Magot (sic!) from ‘Apollo’s Banquet’ from 1687. There are notes on individual tunes and the volume ends with a duet version of Dubourg’s Maggot.

Visit our Fiddle Music page.


Rejecting the received view that Geminiani merely ‘reheated’ his famous early works, we offer new editions of his op. 1 violin sonatas in the revised 1739 edition, and scores and parts of his op 2 and 3 concertos in the 1755 revision with 4 solo parts rather than the original three. All the accompanied ‘Examples’ from the ‘Art of the Playing on the Violin’ are now available with continuo realisations.

Music for violin and string orchestra

We have a wide variety of music for violin, including solo violin repertoire, arrangements, standard repertoire in new editions and studies.

Our range of string orchestra music includes Tony Urbainczyk’s arrangement of Elgar’s Organ Sonata, and a wide selection of other music for strings, arrangements and original pieces, which cater for all levels of ability.

New Editions of Chamber Music

For string trio there are fugues by Simon Sechter, famous for giving Schubert a lesson on fugue, two fugues by Mozart completed by Sechter, and some great fugues by Rimsky-Korsakov, Glinka, Mozart and Reger (with others by Saint-Saëns and the Schumanns to follow shortly).

For string quartet is an arrangement of Marie Wieck’s Scherzo, two fine fugues by Fauré arranged from op. 84 and Gary Higginson’s 3rd and 5th String Quartets.

The violin music of Johan Helmich Roman is still emerging: there are some fascinating solo pieces, exhilarating to play, which deserve to be more widely known.

And do explore the music of Ann Hamerton who was composing in the 30s and 40s.

We are adding new editions regularly, so do feel free to ask about future plans and check our latest publications page. And let us know if you have particular requests for new editions of pieces!

Violin Studies for the 21st Century

We have the first three studies in a series aiming to work at an advanced level to consolidate technique needed for the 20th century and later.  The first is based on the note row for Berg’s Lyric Suite, and the 3rd has extracts from that work. The second is an extract from Hindemith’s Nobilissime Visione - and can serve as an updated version of Kreutzer No. 2.

And do look at our Blog! The latest is an article about Rory Boyle’s solo viola piece ‘Such Sweet Sorrow’.


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